In August of '99 we were in Fort Ann, NY when we chased a Hot Air Balloon.  When it landed we got the info and scheduled our own trip!!  Bright and early, we met them and started our adventure!
We huffed and we puffed..........well, ok, we turned on the fans to blow up the balloon.
It was an awesome experience flying in a balloon!  The sun came out and our shadow raced across the ground below us.  It is hard to describe the feeling of floating in total silence (except when the burner was lit to keep us up!)  We scared some livestock, but mostly they ignored us.  It was neat to see people point at us and wave!
We landed in someone's field and they were happy to have us walk the balloon to their back yard and the children helped us pack it up.  They were so excited!  They were taking pictures and laughing.  They told us they had seen many balloons sail by, but none had ever landed in their yard!