We enjoyed our visit to Little Bighorn National Battlefield, Bighorn Canyon NRA and Devils Tower National Park. 
The Battlefield is just some hilltops in the middle of the prairie.  There are some marble markers showing where some of the soldiers fell.  Archeological evidence is showing that Custers Last Stand was actually the slaughter of disintigrating troops.  Custer was an arrogant, impetuous man, who jumped in without looking.  Attacking an unknown number of Indians without waiting for backup from armies just a day away, the vastly outnumbered soldiers were completely overrun.  The only thing saving the few who survived was the arrival of the other armies.
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation area, is mostly for hiking and boating, however the lake was closed to boating due to the low water level.  There were almost no one there at all!
Devil's Tower was spectacular, however we did not stay long!  The place was overrun by Motorcycles!  Turns out the week we chose to visit this area and the Black Hills coincided with the annual Sturgis Bike Rally!  Over 100,000 bikers.  Every video scene for an entire tape is roaring with motorcycle pollution!  A ruder, cruder bunch of people we have yet to meet!