The Geothermal features are some of the most dramatic features of Yellowstone.  Geysers, mudpots and hot springs are some of the attractions.
Not the best picture of Old Faithful, but it is mine!
small geyser in the Fountain Paint pots area.
Bubbling mud pots
Mammoth Hot Springs is one of the most enduring of the sights to see.  Here are several pictures.  The high mineral content causes deposits to be left behind building terraces, "icicles" and all kinds of formations.  The colors are from algae that can survive in hot conditions.
There are a lot of dead trees in the hot springs area.  Most are very twisted.  It looks as if they grew that way.  We are trying to find out what causes this.  Since we noticed this, we have seen "twisted" trees all over the park.
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